Save up to 45% on Binance. Here is how it goes:

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world and the IntellyBot Signals are perfectly designed and adapted for Binance.

Just follow these three easy steps. And save up to 45% on your future binance fees! The normal fee is 0,1%. If you follow this steps you will get a 20% fee-discount via the referral code and another 25% if you use the BNB-coin to pay the trading fees.



Step 1: Use 20% discount referral code X9OFR14Q

Twenty percent is the largest discount you can get via a referral link. This discount is for lifetime!
Use this referral code when you sign up here for a new account: X9OFR14Q


Step 2: Pay trading fees in BNB

Paying the trading-fees with BNB coin gives you another 25% discount! Just activate in your Dashboard the following option:
“Using BNB Deduction (25% discount)”

Step 3: Buy some BNB via Credit Card

Once you finished the registration on the Binance platform just buy some BNB via Creditcard or convert your existing cryptos into the BNB coin.

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Disclaimer: This post does not constitute financial advice. Investments in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks. Please always do your own research.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: I already have a Binance account. Can I apply this code to my existing account?

Answer: No you cannot. You have to open a new account in order to use the discount code.

Question: Is it allowed to open a new account when I already have a Binance account?

Answer: Yes, this is allowed. You have to use another ID Card or your driving license if your passport is already taken by another account.

Question: I don’t know how to trade. Who can help me with this?

Answer: It is possible to use a tradingbot for your trading. There are several platforms in the internet available. We at IntellyBot provide our signals for different platforms. You can find all information on our homepage