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Entering the world of crypto? Don’t stress about working hard and do it more smartly. With IntellyBot Signals your tradingbots do not miss any opportunity and trade in a smarter way. Tradingbots are unemotional and have already made millions of transactions.

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Signals from IntellyBot are your perfect partner for successfull Crypto trading

Crypto trading can be hard. You will not want to miss any signal and opportunity to maximize your profit. IntellyBot Signals and Strategies can be used on 3Commas, Pionex, Keping AI and Mizar.

You won’t have to work 24 hours and wait for good signals and opportunities to invest and gain profit on the cryptocurrency you own. Tradingbots using Intellybot Signals will look for even the smallest opportunity to place a deal.

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IntellyBot is developer of 12 successful Tradingview Strategies. More than 1.800 traders already use our scripts to improve their trading results. We have complex backtesters that work in any market.


Experienced Traders can use our Signals on 3Commas, Mizar, OKX and Pionex

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Just signals! Nothing more. We offer experienced traders and institutions a service to recieve our signals via webhook or api call. This makes sense if you already have a trading solution and your own tools and knowledge. Just reach out to us by email and we can connect you.

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Trading was made easier with IntellyBot. Let your tradingbots work with our signals.

Where you can use our signals:

1. 3commas

Go to the 3Commas Marketplace. Search for “IntellyBot” and you will immediately find our profile. Subscribe to our signals!

2. Mizar

Mizar is an all-in-one trading platform for cryptocurrency, providing traders with a suite of tools and bots to simplify the process. You can subscribe to our bots on the Mizar Marketplace.

3. Pionex

Pionex is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange with FREE Trading Bots! Pionex provides 16 trading bots like Grid Trading Bot which allows you to securely and automatically trade currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and so on.

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Why Subscribe to Our Signals?

An IntellyBot Signal is basically a trade call that is sent by our algorithm via Tradingview to your tradingbot on one of our platform partners. It will indicate when and what a coin or token should be purchased at a given price.

Our team at IntellyBot consists of experienced people from different trading areas. Our professional analysts keep an eye on the market and latest trends 24 hours a day, so you don’t have to. IntellyBot trading signals cover almost all market conditions and are sent 24/7.

Our goal is to create a professional service that will provide great efficiency within no time.


Frequently Asked Questions

DCA stands for Dollar Cost Averaging.

I’ll try to explain this in a very simplified way using the following example:

The tradingrobot is supposed to buy a fictitious coin for a maximum of 500 Dollars. Let’s call it the “PassiveCoin”. The “PassiveCoin” currently costs 100 Dollars.

The tradingrobot now begins its work.
It buys the “PassiveCoin” for 100 Dollars. The “PassiveCoin” has high daily price fluctuations. It rises to 103 Dollars in the next hour. The tradingrobot therefore sells the “PassiveCoin” for 103 Dollars and has made a profit of 3 Dollars.

But what happens if the price falls?
The trading robot buys the “PassiveCoin”. Again at the price of 100 Dollars. In the next few hours, however, the price collapses.
Suddenly the “PassiveCoin” only costs 80 Dollars. The tradingrobot now buys another “PassiveCoin” for 80 Dollars. Once again, the price collapses. Now the “PassiveCoin” only costs 60 Dollars. The tradingrobot buys another “PassiveCoin”.

Let’s add it up now:

3 “PassiveCoins” have now been bought for a total of 240 Dollars. If the tradingbot had bought these 3 “PassiveCoins” at the original price, the price would have been 300 Dollars. The average price per “PassiveCoin”, however, is now only 80 Dollars, because additional purchases were made when the price was falling. As soon as the price rises again, it is possible to sell again at a profit when the price rises to the level of 80 Dollars. For cryptocurrencies with very fluctuating prices, this game can sometimes be played several times a day.

Some of our signals are free some of our signals are payed. If you are charged on a platform you will always be informed about before.

DISCLAIMER: IntellyBot does not publish advice about using cryptocurrency or trading cryptocurrency. While the website contains information on an algorithmic indicator it is not giving its reader any financial advice. We are not liable for any data the indicator publishes as they are for informational purposes only. We will not be liable, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, in respect of any damage, expense or other loss you may suffer arising out of such information or any reliance you may place upon such information. Does not include investment advice. For training and testing purposes only. You also use our dashboard and the preconfigured bots at your own risk.